Hi I'm Guillaume Bartolini and if you can't say my name , just call me "gb".
I am graphic designer and this year I am doing a digital media diploma to learn how to build shit hot websites...!!!!


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→ dropshado.ws: CSS formatting


Michael Bucks:

@desandro @simurai How do you guys format complicated gradient, box shadow, keyframe, etc. CSS3 attributes? I’m digging myself a hole here.

Been thinking about formalizing a style guide for CSS as CSS3 includes some especially complex syntax. Here’s how I’ve been playing…


Big fail

Okay! My first atempt to post from wordpress to twitter was a FAIL!
Let’s see if I managed to fix it now…


long time no see

It’s been a while since I post or even looked at my Wp blog so here I am ….

I have just found this new plugin that should post to twitter from wordpress so let’s check now…


It happened so fast

Well tomorrow is the deadline for my portfolio. And the good news is that I finished everything this morning ….!!!! This year happened way to fast and I can say that I will really miss MDS.

In another hand I will get my family back and will be able to see my son growing. In the last month he’s changed so much (and so did I).

Friday will be our last day at UNI and then I will start looking for a job… (painful process).



Last summative is done. This is a website for Opium Creative, Advertising Agency in australia. Powered by wordpress with an awesome CMS
Check it out Here

Last summative is done. This is a website for Opium Creative, Advertising Agency in australia. Powered by wordpress with an awesome CMS

Check it out Here


creating a blog

WP Template Hierarchy

Who would have though tat creating a blog page for a custom wordpress site would take me longer than the actual site.
I have been looking , googling (it will be in the dictionary soon) everywhere to find out why my calendar links where using the index.php as a template.
And guess what !??? Always go back to the basics when you get stuck… So i did and opened the WP Hierarchy Map and realised that I didn’t have
the DATE.PHP…..!!!!!!!


Making widgets

I have been very quite lately but it’s because there isn’t enough hours during the day to do it all…

Today was pretty interesting ! Although it started badly with 2 hours wasted in class trying to fight my worst enemy “WEB MARSHALL”.

But I did a lot and learn a lot too.. And i have made my first widget … Out of a pod !!!


The search of the great plugins

Nisi’s Dashboard Google Analytics adds a widget in your dashboard (accessible from the left sidebar).


Designing a site for An advertising adgency

I have been back to the designing bunch for a week now and I am loving it. It’s been a while ( or at least it feels like it) since I designed a website.  It is always good to look at whats out there and I found some amazing site this week which really inspired me.
I was faster this time around in the design stage as I had a very clear idea of what this site needed. And all mockups have been approved yesterday. The home page is nearly done (HTML/CSS is done), and I am attacking the good stuff now… jQuery (my best friend).
I have found some nice plugin for slide shows like Nivo Slider. Very easy to use.


Blog will save us all

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